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Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonJust what goes into our floor sanding services in Sutton SM2? If you imagine us on hands and knees with pieces of sandpaper, you're probably underestimating our capabilities and level of professionalism! Our Testimonials page should help to dispel any such image pretty quickly.




Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in Floor Sanding SuttonHigh-tech equipment is likely to be a more efficient way of sanding a large area than old-fashioned elbow grease and sandpaper! So we make sure that we use the best quality equipment on every job (as well as making sure we pack a tin of elbow grease too, just in case!) Our kit is some of the most high-tech currently available in the industry, and far better than the average sander you’ll find at your local plant hire centre.

We use our kit to achieve a consistent and even sanded surface, free from sawdust deposits. 
The machinery sucks up any dust as the work is carried out, leaving the surface ready for 
immediate treatment and finishing.



Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding SuttonThis continual clean-up process during the sanding itself also helps to reduce the number of times we walk on the untreated exposed fresh timber, as we do not have to pass over it again on foot while sweeping up, aside from any brief double-check that we might choose to carry out.​


This is an often overlooked aspect of our commitment to quality. By limiting footfall on the untreated surface, we can ensure it remains clean until it is treated, and avoid the disaster of actually locking in dirt when we apply the finish.​



Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonSpeaking of finishes, we are almost as proud of our range of finishing agents as we are of our capabilities with a floor sander.

Whatever look you are trying to achieve, we think we're likely to have something we can recommend to you, from subtle matt finishes to luxurious gloss varnishes, and natural shades that match the colour of the untreated timber, to protective dark tints that can be much more forgiving to footprints, muddy marks and any such scuffs and skirmishes.


If you are more interested in performance, we also have some tougher options for you, to help 
resist stains due to spillage, and any kinds of environmental extremes you think the floor
might face. We manage to do all of this using substances that will not harm the 
environment – we take our green credentials very seriously.


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