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Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonWhere did the Sutton Floor Sanding SM2 company come from? And where are we going? The answer to the latter question is summed up on our Testimonials page, in the sense that we are continually working towards ever-greater levels of customer satisfaction. The answer to the first question is hopefully contained within the words on this page.​




Floor Sanding & Finishing services by  professionalists in Floor Sanding SuttonLike most companies, we came from an idea. But it was not a purely commercial idea - we didn't sit down and think, "How can we make money? Let's sand floors!"​


Instead, our family-run company grew naturally out of a genuine passion for the types of services that we offer to 
this day. It might sound strange to suggest that sanding floorboards is a 'passion', but there are people in all
kinds of specialist restoration services, and they all ultimately come down to the same thing  - satisfaction at a
job well done.​



Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Sutton'Resource efficiency' is one of those really dry ways of saying something that is actually quite interesting and important.


We like to think of it like this: just because something is broken, it doesn't mean that it’s beyond repair.
In floor terms, there's really nothing that a little bit of effort, some expertise and that all-important 
passion can’t solve, from the slightest of surface scuffs that just needs polishing away, to extensive 
damage and even rotten timbers that need replacing.


Our dedication to our business and genuine interest and enthusiasm for what we do has allowed us, 
over the course of the past two decades, to create our own ways of dealing with these commonplace 
problems, with the minimum of timber replaced on each project, and a commitment to work with what
is already in place wherever possible.


Why is this important? Well, it helps to prevent deforestation, by cutting down on the amount of fresh 
timber used. It's arguably better for your floor, by preserving the original floorboards, which can 
sometimes add value (or may even be a legal requirement in listed buildings). And frankly, it's easier to sand and stain a floor in 
situ than it is to pull up and replace all of the floorboards or parquet flooring tiles.


That’s what we do. And after 20 years, we like to think we’re quite good at it too! Our clients think so too – check out our results by taking a virtual tour of our Before and After Gallery page, or get in touch  and find out for yourself by booking your free, no-obligation assessment today.