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Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonHave you heard good things about our floor sanding services for Sutton? Spoken to a happy customer, just like those on our Testimonials page? If so, it's likely that you'd like to know more about exactly what we can do in different types of premises. This page aims to answer that in detail, with a list of some of our core services below.




Floor Sanding & Finishing services by professionalists in Floor Sanding SuttonCommercial floor sanding brings professional premises up to a high standard. Moving into rented space that the old tenants didn't treat with respect? Rebranding and need a corresponding refurb? Seen profits soar and want to reinvest in your selling space? We can help with our commercial floor sanding service.




Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonFloor sanding is at the heart of what we do, and is a key element in more or less all of the services we offer in the Sutton area. It's a simple process that removes the dirt of years gone by, exposing clean timber that can then be treated, without the need to buy fresh wood to put down on the entire floor. That can mean substantial savings for you, particularly in decorative surfaces like parquet.




Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in Floor Sanding SuttonParquet floor repair is an economic alternative to replacing damaged decorative floors, as it allows the wood to be worked on in situ. As such, we can erase past dirt and minor damage, repair heavier damage with infills to plug the gaps, and stain the entire surface to a consistent finish that will hide any minor repair work we have carried out.​




Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonParquet floor restoration brings aesthetic flooring back to its best, injecting some of the original life back into the floor and its tiles, and helping your precious parquet to recover from any mistreatment in the intervening years. Parquet floors in particular often suffer from having too much varnish applied year after year, and simply sanding this away can really bring out the grain and the natural patina of the wood.




Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding SuttonParquet floor sanding reveals the timber tiles that are the core component in this decorative flooring - a kind of modern-day, nature-embracing equivalent to ancient Roman mosaics. It's an artform in its own right, and one that can be stunningly beautiful when done correctly. So by sanding away the mistaken maintenance efforts of years gone by, we can help to make your parquet floors look the best that they can possibly be.




Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonAcademic institutions face continual maintenance costs, and keeping their floors looking and functioning as desired is just as important as keeping the lights and power switched on. In the current climate, schools are run almost as businesses in their own right, and making your rooms appeal to parents and new pupils could be one more factor in attracting the best talent in your next year's intake.




Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonOur Before and After Gallery offers a selection of our 'photo finishes', illustrations of the importance of choosing the right finish for your floor, to maximise the improved visual appeal after having it sanded, repaired and restored to as-new quality. This is also where you can really stamp your personality on your new floor, as there's a whole range of finishes to choose from, giving you good control over the colour and level of gloss regardless of what type of timber is laid.




Excellent Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonWood floor maintenance can be a regular task in many premises - particularly academic, commercial and industrial locations - or a one-off project as and when the floor begins to look past its prime. Either way, we understand the pressures of a tight maintenance schedule, and aim to complete all work as quickly as possible, without compromising the high standard of finish.





Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonWood floor polishing is the first choice service for many Sutton businesses and residents, whose floors may not be heavily damaged, but might simply be looking a little dull. Even light sanding can expose clean timber on floors made with a paler species of wood, for a much more vibrant finish than simply restaining would achieve.




Floor Sanding & Finishing services by professionalists in Floor Sanding SuttonWood floor repair ranges from preventative measures like injecting sealant into any small cracks that are beginning to appear, to restorative measures like inserting slivers of fresh timber into boards that have been allowed to crack substantially along a significant portion of their length. We always act sympathetically to the floor as a whole, and blend our work into the overall appearance of the timber to help it to go unnoticed.



Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonWood floor restoration is a broad-ranging service that encompasses spot repairs, surface sanding and staining, with a particular focus on preserving the original timber in floors with substantial age to them. In this way, we can help historical and heritage properties to look as they might have done when they were first constructed.



Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in Floor Sanding SuttonWood floor staining enhances the aesthetic appeal of a freshly cleaned floor, putting a protective layer in place that not only keeps dirt out of the grain of the wood, but can also help the grain and patina of the timber itself to show up in a desirable way. Taken together, this can highlight the vibrancy of the wood used in the floor, while ensuring it remains bright and fresh-looking for the future.



Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding SuttonFinishes and seals are similar to stains, but with the focus on performance rather than just aesthetics. That does not mean compromising on the look as such, but this category may contain products more closely suited to protecting the floor, particularly if it sees heavy footfall or is used in premises that pose unique challenges to keeping the floor clean and free from scuff marks.




Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding SuttonResin and silicon allow minor scarring of timber to be reinstated by injecting the substance into the indentation, allowing it to dry, and then sanding and staining it along with the rest of the board to a consistent finish. Slivers of fresh timber work in a similar way, but are inserted into larger cracks or splinters where resin would be insufficient for the size of the damage.